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The Story of

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The Happy Quokka was born with a simple thought of fulfilling a deep longing within each one of us - to find peace and happiness.

We live in a world of too much chaos and too much clutter. The Happy Quokka wishes to bring you joy and happiness with our mindfully curated range of products to help you plan and organise your life in a way that you will not only enjoy but also remember.

Mental and emotional well-being and physical fitness are very important for us and our products are in line with these values.

Our Craft

The Happy Quokka has a passion for design, excellence and craftsmanship.

Fun, Functionality and Environment are at the heart of all our products.

Our endeavour is to offer bespoke and thoughtfully handcrafted products, curated for your unique and uncommon perspective, and our mantra is striving to make you happier than the happiest animal in the world - The Quokka.

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