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All About Me - Guided Journal for Kids

All About Me - Guided Journal for Kids

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Journaling provides a great practice to understand feelings and articulate them better, what better way to get your kids started with this habit than a guided journal made especially for them. Whether they are just starting out with journaling, or have used one in the past, the right tool makes all the difference. 


The Happy Quokka - All About Me journal is designed to keep kids motivated and engaged by interesting and diverse topics, prompts and activities. 



With guided prompts to help them build awareness of their likes, dislikes, friends, goals,  favourite places,  favourite food, favourite cartoons, and many other prompts on what makes them happy,  and two months of gratitude journalling to help them develop a positive mindset, All About Me journal is an excellent first step on your kid’s journey with journaling. 



Your child will love this journal, and make it their space to be creative, write about their daily life and express themselves through the pages of this book. 



With 10 covers covering both genders, you may select a design you feel suits your child best and you may even  personalise this with their name on the cover.


It’s an excellent keepsake for them to reflect upon about their childhood when they’re all grown-up. Imagine being an adult and discovering a book that reminds you what you liked as a kid and who your closest friends were. It's a wonderful feeling to look back and see how far you've come and why not give your kids this feeling. 


If your kids are always asking what to do with the time they have for themselves, why don’t you start them off with a Guided Journal ? 


Suitable for ages 8 to 12 years

  • Hard Cover
  • Inner: 100 GSM Ivory Matte Paper
  • 154 Pages (77 leaves) 
  • Size : A5. 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches
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